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How Patrick Quale's season-ending injury turned into a new opportunity
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Jul 1, 2024


By Jon Akre

605 Sports

VOLGA — This past winter, Patrick Quale played on Sioux Valley boys basketball team before being sidelined due to a skiing accident in January that ultimately ended his freshman season.

Despite the injury, Quale and the Sioux Valley coaching staff found a way to put his talents to work in a different way for the team.

“I cut my hand open while skiing and it cut my tendon, so I couldn’t play basketball for the rest of the season,” Quale said. “Then Noah Clair and the head coach, Bill Vincent, asked me if I wanted to make videos for the team and travel with them, just so I could stay part of it all.”

Shortly after, Quale began making highlight videos and cinematography content for the team, all while dealing with a casted hand making it difficult to film.

“Right away it did and then as postseason came around I wasn’t on the varsity roster, so my JV season was done,” said Quale. “Then I got out of the cast and could slowly move my hand, so recording was probably the most affected by the injury.”

Quale was just getting into editing videos during the winter, making the process much more time consuming in the beginning.

“This was my first time ever getting into editing videos, so in the beginning it would take me like a day or two,” Quale said. “And as I kept doing it, I got a lot better and quicker at it, so like when the state tournament came around, I remember I made three or four videos within 23 hours.”

Within the first month of posting these highlight videos Quale had picked up a gig outside of Sioux Valley boys basketball, and found his way over to Brookings to work with the South Dakota State wrestling team at their final duel inside Frost Arena.

“My dad’s boss’s kid is on the SDSU wrestling team, and my dad was showing some of his co-workers my videos, and his boss asked me if I wanted to come and make a video for him,” Quale said. “ So I spent the day with the team, recorded their warmups, and then went to Frost and filmed the duel.”

Now into the summer months, Quale has worked with a variety of teams, ranging from AAU basketball teams to the Watertown Legion Baseball team.

“It was definitely different recording a baseball game versus a basketball game, I’ve never really been around baseball that much,” Quale said on filming baseball. “But it’s definitely harder to record and make videos since there’s so many more people on the field and it’s more spread out. You could miss highlights for sure because it’s not very fast paced.”

As for the 2024-25 school year, Quale says teams have already reached out to him regarding future video projects.

“The head football coach at our high school has reached out to me a couple of times about following them this fall, same as the Brookings head coach as well so I think I’ll be doing a couple football videos this fall,” said Quale. “I know girls basketball has reached out to me a little bit.”

But Quale still plans on continuing his basketball career as he enters his sophomore year.

“I’ll definitely play the next three years, I just haven’t been pulled up to varsity yet,” said Quale. “When I do, I don’t really know what I’ll do with the videos then. But I’ve thought about it, and I can make videos for the rest of my life but I only get four years of basketball so I’ll definitely keep playing.”