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South Dakota, North Dakota split Battle on the Border cross-country meet
Team South Dakota won the girls Lemmon Battle on the Border cross-country meet on Sept. 26.
(Courtesy photo)
Oct 1, 2022

By 605 Sports Staff

LEMMON — On Sept. 26, The Lemmon Battle on the Border cross-country meet was held and it featured a different twist. 

In addition to the individual and team titles, a South Dakota vs. North Dakota format featuring the top-five place winners from each state were tallied for team points. 

On the girls side, South Dakota edged North Dakota, 22-37. In the boys standings, North Dakota defeated South Dakota, 21-54. 

Team North Dakota won the boys Lemmon Battle on the Border cross-country meet on Sept. 26. (Courtesy photo)

Individually, Standing Rock, North Dakota’s Josetta Buffalo Boy edged Lemmon’s Jordyn Kohn for the girls title. Lemmon’s Brynn Odenbach and Chel Odenbach placed third and fourth, respectively. A sixth-place finish by Jozi Schuchard (Bison) and a seventh-place finish from Claire Verhulst (Harding County) rounded out the South Dakota Team.

On the boys side, Hettinger, North Dakota’s Bennett Jorgenson and a second-place finish by Beulah, North Dakota’s Logan Neuberger led the North Dakota, which secured placings in the fifth-through-11th place spots. 

In team titles, Lemmon scored six points to take home the girls team title followed by Hettinger-Scranton, North Dakota (21). The Beulah boys edged New England 15-24 for the boys championship honors.

Top 10 Place Winners:

Girls Varsity

1) Josetta Buffalo Boy (Standing Rock) – 22:02.33

2) Jordyn Kohn (Lemmon) – 22:03.55

3) Brynn Odenbach (Lemmon) – 22:19.72

4) Chel Odenbach (Lemmon) – 22:56.47

5) Kelly Schauer (Hettinnger/Scranton) – 23:24.72

6) Jozi Schuchard (Bison) – 23:18.00

7) Claire Verhulst (Harding Co) – 23:27.33

8) Kortney Schauer (Hettinger/Scranton) – 23:43.58

9) Esther Burkhalter (Bison) – 24:10.05

10) Reeve Schuchard (Bison) – 24:12.50

Boys Varsity

1) Bennett Jorgenson (Hettinger/Scranton) - 18:12.95

2) Logan Neuberger (Beulah) – 18:35.60

3) William Burkhalter (Bison) – 18:57.35

4) Hayden Bentley (Lemmon) – 19:18.31

5) Elijah Hoerath (New England) – 19:25.17

6) Ayren Little Eagle (Standing Rock) – 19:29.03

7) Brady Keller (Beulah) – 19:33.67

8) Charles Elmore (Beulah) – 19:43.99

9) Justin Kathrein (New England) – 19:49.56

10) Trevor Dalley (Hettinger/Scranton) – 19:50.45